Facts From the History of Tennis

Tennis is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Playing it professionally requires peak fitness, acute spatial awareness, and copious amounts of skill and determination. Fundamental lessons on movement and technique can take years to master, and winning takes more than just the ability to hit a ball well. To gain experience as a proficient player, there are four aspects of tennis that need to be perfected over time. These factors have been broken down below, along with a brief overview of what novice players can expect, how these skills will make a difference to your performance, and why they’re beneficial for true mastery of tennis.

4 Skills you need to Excel in Tennis

From the accuracy of your hand-eye coordination to the speed of your reflexes, a good tennis player knows that staying fit and healthy is paramount to victory. Practice and fitness exercises are the only ways to improve fitness, and there are no shortcuts on the way to getting fit.

Being able to make decisions in the moment ties directly into mental endurance. If you can’t deal with the pressures of a competitive match, your decision-making skills will deteriorate to the point where losing even a single point can break your fighting spirit..Every point matters, so you should be playing at your peak at all times. This requires an intense level of concentration for a prolonged period of time. Like physical fitness, high mental strength can only be achieved by training regularly and using the experience you gain from playing against others.